The Trade Practices Group assists and advises our clients on trade related issues in UAE as well as WTO and EU issues affecting bi-lateral or multi-lateral trade. We also identify emerging trade-related issues that can or will impact their businesses and then develop appropriate strategies. The practice focuses on areas such as:

  • Customs and Central Excise
    • Classification and valuation for both customs and excise purposes,
    • Tax planning aspects of customs and excise ,
    • Preparation and representation before appropriate authorities related to customs and excise matters.
  • World Trade Organisation (WTO)
    • Tariff concessions and structures and other international trade-related regulations/agreements,
    • Simulated dumping and/or subsidy audits for exporters,
    • Simulated TRIPS compliance and audits,
    • Non-tariff barriers (NTBT) including the impact of new regulations on export markets,
    • Seminars/workshops for exporters and export organisations.
  • EU Trade Policy and Regulations
    • Non-tariff barriers such as EU environmental directives,
    • EU trade policy,
    • EU cooperation agreements,
  • UAE Trade Policy and Regulations
    • Free trade or cooperation agreements with other countries or trading groups,
    • Macro/micro impact of agreements on specific companies or countries.
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