Our ability to mobilise relevant skills and people to form highly experienced cross-functional teams gives us the advantage of being able to provide fresh perspectives to create reliable, cost-effective, comprehensive solutions. This process usually results in establishing strong, long-term relationships with our clients.

Maritime, Airline and City transport

Sanatowa, provides a wide range of services to our clients, related to both state and private sector Maritime, City Metro, Airline video/entertainment systems. Our professionals have extensive experience in the fields of operations, training, perspective planning, bid preparation & marketing capsules.  Our sector-related services include:

  • Maritime Services
    • Port Management and Support Services
    • Maritime Infrastructure
    • Coastal Shipping and Inland Waterways 
    • Marine Propulsion Systems 
    • Alternate Power Generation Systems
  • Training 
    • We can offer customised training packages to meet the client’s needs from generic fields in the maritime and security industries to specific procedural training
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